Quiet – Book Review

By | March 5, 2015

‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain – so good I read it twice, once when it was first published in 2012 and then again recently.

In the current climate we live with, what Susan defines as, the Extrovert Ideal; an appealing personality style defined as a gregarious, alpha person who is comfortable in the spotlight. Introversion can be perceived as a second-class personality trait along with sensitivity, seriousness and shyness.  This book discusses our culture and expectations, the different temperaments, how they function and the dynamics between introvert and extrovert personalities in business. At work we are programmed to accept assertiveness or eloquence as the basis for good ideas and this is not necessarily the case.  Susan gives us some great examples of how people deploy the powers of quiet.

The book was also thought-provoking, discussing career transitions and suggesting how to identify core personal projects which can be tough for introverts who have spent much of their careers conforming to the expected norms.