Legacy Content

By | April 8, 2015

“If I was going there I wouldn’t start from here” (Irish words of wisdom)

One of the biggest challenges faced by content strategists the world over is knowing where to start. In very few cases are you starting afresh and creating new content, adhering to the organisation’s style guidelines, entering data into an easily-navigable CMS and enjoying the benefits of an intuitive and well-structured architecture. Instead you will, most likely, be dealing with hard-coded content which has been written with scant regard to any tone of voice guidelines, is uncategorised, irrelevant and gives little consideration to the customer experience.

There are several solutions to such a difficult starting point and these might include:

  • keep all of your content but update and refine it so that it meets the organisation’s business needs
  • carry out a content audit of your existing content before making a decision about what to lose and what to keep
  • start again with a new CMS, new content, new structure and new guidelines

In truth, the final answer may be a combination of all three of the above options.  Read more about the options and solutions in the soon-to-be-published ebook ‘The Global Content Experience’.