Beverley Brown Content Director CDO

Beverley Brown – Interim Digital Content Director

A thought leader in the content discipline and digital content practitioner with a passion for international content, I am a leader in the field of content strategy with a background in global organisations, including PayPal, Three and SGS.

Experienced at helping companies make the move into digital, I am focused on enabling them to deliver customer-centric experiences to global markets.  Having worked with several different content management systems, including Adobe and Sitecore, I can help to define author requirements, bringing together people and technology to provide in-context experiences for users. I have also built and managed several large teams of content creators.

During the last few years I have enjoyed working on a wide range of initiatives including:

  • Digital content transformation as an interim director and programme director
  • Chair of Judges at DXA UK Digital Experience Awards
  • Conference speaking engagements including the Content Strategy Applied Conference
  • Courses completed: OU/Innovate Finance FinTech, the disruption and innovation of financial services and RIBA Certificate in Project Management
  • I am a contributing writer on a diverse range of topics including multilingual content management, content consistency, terminology and measurement

I am an advocate of ‘Global-Always’; developing products with the global market in mind to allow for intuitive and fluent translation and localisation of content in heavily regulated industries, embedding best practice qualitative and quantitative measures in the content creation process.

To find out more check out my profile on LinkedIn which contains links to presentations and publications, and details of my most recent interim assignments. Also, please enjoy my musings on content strategy, the customer experience and content-related topics on my blog at FiftyWords. I also tweet @GlobalWordsmith so do follow me and feel free to get in touch. 

“If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what ought to be done remains undone.” (Confucius)