A Compelling Case for Global Content

For those of you who enjoyed the stats from my presentation at BrightonSEO Conference (much retweeted) here are the numbers I discussed together with their sources: 56% of the content on the internet is in English, and 29% of the internet-using population speaks English 5% of the global population speaks English as their first language 14% of… Read More »

Defining CMS Requirements

This topic came up in conversation recently, as a follow-up to my article on Content Management Systems in April, and I’d like to shed some more light on the process of gathering requirements from people included in the content production process, prioritizing those requirements and thus improving CMS capabilities in a phased and agile fashion. During the… Read More »

5 Great Business Books

Here are some of my favourite business booked summarised in one sentence each. These are taken from a more extensive list of popular business books from Business Insider: Good to Great – Jim Collins Good companies become great by confronting the brutal realities of the business, finding out what they’re uniquely good at, creating a culture of… Read More »

A Source to be Reckoned With

The source language for any international organisation is key to the successful rollout of its content globally. This applies not only to the language itself but also to the structure and terminology of the source content. During the creative phase, taking into account how and where the content will be used, and by whom, is… Read More »

EU Data Regulation – Implications for the Digital Customer Experience

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to establish a single set of rules for data privacy across Europe and to strengthen consumer protection. The GDPR has been under discussion for several years as we continue to live with the legacy of the law failing to keep pace with technological development. Under the new… Read More »


I’m delighted to say that I’ll be speaking at one of my favourite events, BrightonSEO, in September 2015 on Global Content Quality. “In just a few short years BrightonSEO has become one of the most popular and respected natural search conferences in the UK.  This isn’t an event that just tells you ‘content is king’ or… Read More »

Content Management Systems

An author-friendly CMS is the most effective way to manage your content. A surprising number of organisations rely on word documents, which are uploaded manually, and hard-coded content. I define ‘hard-coded’ as content which is doesn’t live in its own easily-accessible system but can only be located, by developers for example, within the code for… Read More »

Legacy Content

“If I was going there I wouldn’t start from here” (Irish words of wisdom) One of the biggest challenges faced by content strategists the world over is knowing where to start. In very few cases are you starting afresh and creating new content, adhering to the organisation’s style guidelines, entering data into an easily-navigable CMS… Read More »

Quiet – Book Review

‘Quiet’ by Susan Cain – so good I read it twice, once when it was first published in 2012 and then again recently. In the current climate we live with, what Susan defines as, the Extrovert Ideal; an appealing personality style defined as a gregarious, alpha person who is comfortable in the spotlight. Introversion can be perceived… Read More »